Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taurus Bull

We spent a lot of the day yesterday with my husband. One thing about a separation, is you're supposed to be separate!

It was only supposed to be a movie and lunch. The kids have been wanting to see Up. But my daughter decided she didn't want to watch it as soon as we got into the theatre, so I took her home.

The boys came back with a nice bouquet of flowers for me.

My husband did some things that have been needing to be done in the garage. All in all, it went well, but by dinner time I was really ready for him to leave.

My daughter started acting up and he tried to discipline her but she wouldn't listen to him. Then he got angry and demanded that I do something with her. I really didn't think she had done anything wrong, so we were back in the irritation phase that both of us get into with each other around the kids.

Well, let me back peddle. She was running with some dull scissors. Not ideal, but all that needed to be done was to ask her to give them back or gently remove them from her hands. Instead, my husband started yelling and getting all upset that she was going to "hurt" herself with them. Possibly so, but knowing my daughter, that's the wrong approach. She's a very feisty girl. And most of the time, if you don't make a big deal of something, she will just back right down. But when my husband comes on so strong with her, she becomes adamant and will NOT do anything.

So he got mad that she told him no, and I didn't agree with him yelling at her because it seemed like it was a lot more about his need for control than her actually starting out doing something wrong. So she ended up on my lap crying and he was mad she wasn't standing in the corner.

He stomped up the stairs and I stayed with my daughter, who didn't really care about the scissors. She's 3. I don't know how those two will survive each other. They are both Taurus signs, and their birthdays are a day apart. From the start, they have rubbed each other the wrong way.

I know addicts have arrested development, which would put him somewhere in his teen years in terms of where he is emotionally, but he is still the adult. And I am often irritated that he doesn't act more like one.

I started making dinner early because I was tired and wanted to get to bed as soon as possible. He came in when it was almost done and asked if he was joining us for dinner.

I said, looks like you're here, doesn't it?

He got upset with my tone and told me I wasn't very gracious to him. I don't know how much more gracious I could be.

In any case, he finally left around 6 and we went to bed very early.

It was nice to have him take the garbage cans out for trash day, wash the dishes, and do some other things around the house. Sometimes doing IT ALL every day becomes completely exhausting.

He mentioned wanting to come home numerous times during the day. I told him I didn't see that happening. He says he misses us,but he still has that very negative energy, even when he's trying to be nice. I just don't want to live that way. I also told him I didn't want to wonder when and if he was coming home.

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  1. Kudos.. Doesn't sound like he's even close to being complete enough to come home. He needs to be right with himself before he can be right for anyone else. Self love.. Tough love..