Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nothing Further to Discuss

I started slowly again with the Kundalini Yoga. It's amazing how stiff my body has become in just this time. It emphasized how important the daily yoga and stretching is for me. I already feel slightly better.

I realized yesterday that I don't have to talk to my ex anymore. He is constantly sending negative texts and I have gotten back into the bad habit of responding, which is pointless, because he will never get it.

I decided yesterday that I will go ahead and get my 7-year-old his own cell phone. I have been going back and forth on it, because it seems excessive, but it will save me a lot of grief.

If my husband wants to call the kids, he can use that number. I do not need to be involved whatsoever. If I am out, and he starts freaking out as usual, there is no reason to contact me. He can contact my son directly and talk to him, since that's what he states his purpose in calling is.

I told him yesterday, all he needs to do is pick up the kids when he is scheduled to and pay what is due - on time. We don't have anything further to discuss.

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