Tuesday, July 14, 2009

San Francisco

I had felt proud of my husband yesterday, but now I don't see much changing. He told me this morning he's going to San Francisco over the weekend with two of his friends. They are the same friends that he did the cocaine with on the last "boys weekend".

We are separated so that's his choice. I'm just watching his actions now to see what reality is.

But it also bothers me because I know he'll spend more money that we don't have on this trip. And if the money goes to drugs or alcohol, that is especially upsetting.

I still don't have the tires or the breaks on my car that he promised. And I still don't have the money he promised me.

And I don't know very many people who are newly sober that do well around heavy drinkers and recreational cocaine-users.

But I'm trying to forget about it and enjoy this day with my children. There might not be too many like this left.

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