Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Things...

My husband just left after another long and exhausting evening.

I don't know why I keep cooking dinner for him. It burns me up. He shits all over me and I make him dinner. But that is just something about me. I always try to be hospitable. And I do it for my children, not for him.

I think having dinner as a family is important. I grew up that way. It's just something you do.

But inside, while I enjoy the cooking (I do LOVE to cook), I am burning up. I just keep thinking he does not deserve this.

So my husband has sent me 6 texts already since he left and the last one said, "You HATE me!!!! I am an idiot!!! I'm sorry I hurt you so bad, and you will never let me make it up to you!"

I told him, "Some things you can't make up up for. You just don't do them."

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