Thursday, July 16, 2009

Graciousness and Hospitality

Well, as I suspected, the Fourth Wife is not being very gracious at all. My father-in-law had told my husband he could stay at their house as long as he wanted to. The Fourth Wife keeps asking my husband when he is leaving.

Last night, she didn't even offer him dinner. He bought a slice of pizza. I just can't imagine. Even with everything that has happened with my husband, I always offer him dinner. I always make enough for him to have some too. And I even offer him leftovers because I know he could use them. But that is just what people do. There's nothing so special about me. I knew anyone in my family would do the same thing. So would any of my friends. That's just what you do.

When someone is staying at your home, you go out of your way to make them feel comfortable. You put towels out. You wash the sheets. You prepare what they like to eat. You do all of that - because that is just having manners. Especially when it is your husband's child who is staying at your home.

That's the problem with too many marriages and being #4. But even being the Fourth Wife, you'd still think she would do all that.

He made a lot of excuses for her, but there is no excuse. She really makes me sick.

It also reinforces my idea about her that she is completely different when she is alone with someone. When my father-in-law talked about him staying with her, no doubt she was all smiles. When my father-in-law is there, she is still all smiles. But as soon as he leaves, there she is hassling my husband about when he can get out of her house.

And let's be clear. He is downstairs in an area that they don't even use. In a gigantic house. But apparently, it is an inconvenience to her.

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  1. I know her kind and I am so happy that you do not allow someone like that to change who you are. I agree, you do make people feel comfortable in your home, you do go that extra mile to make sure everything is just so because as you said, "that's just what you do."

    Like I've told my boys about holding the door for girls/women.. "You don't hold the door because she's a lady, you hold the door because YOU are a gentleman." =)