Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Vault of my Heart

My husband and I are going to meet with the AA leader again tomorrow during lunch. I am supposed to email him before then with a list of things I love about my husband and tell him how I would like our marriage to look. My husband is supposed to do the same.

I started yesterday, but I have to say that I am still just angry about so many things. It has been hard for me to put this together.

I was home with my sick son yesterday so I watched the play of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Not as good as the movie, and the story line was a little different, but I still enjoyed it.

One line stuck with me: "A woman's heart is like a vault: when you're in, you're in. But when you're out, you're out."


  1. So is he in or is he out?

  2. I'm not sure...it depends on the day.

  3. Our leaders are trusted servants. We are governed by group consensus. There are no rules in A.A. only suggestions, such as the suggestion that pulling a rip cord may help a parachutist on the way to Earth.
    More help than you can imagine is available in Al-Anon meetings, try attending 10 of them, don't prejudge and you will find many people who have found a way to live with/or without (if necessary) their alcohol abusing family members.

  4. Thank you - I did attend Al-Anon meetings for a year - after that they started to seem very repetitive to me, but I am glad I went for that time.