Friday, November 6, 2009

Newest Demand from my Father-in-law

So, apparently my husband still does not have the money he keeps saying he has earned, and he put us into another very tough spot. This morning, he arrived half-way-through our son's parent-teacher conference, after missing our daughter's entirely last week. (I should have reminded him, he said.)

Then he said that he would need to get money from his dad and he hated to even bring it up but his dad wanted me to send him an email thanking him and his wife for their financial help over the last year.

Date: November 6, 2009 4:50:04 AM PST


I will arrange for you to get the $6500.00 balance from D as soon as K and I receive some communication from Sula acknowledging her appreciation for our financial support for her and your family for the last year or so.

As per our old deal I expect you to visit with me on each payday that you receive a check for over $1,000.00. Paying back the short-term loans is an important part of our relationship. For you; being honest and keeping your word, for me; being able to respect you as a competent adult man.

In the future I will only help you with loans as part of a comprehensive financial management plan, which will mean that both of you need to be 100% open with all of your budget plans and all financial history. A lot of people that you and I both know ask for and appreciate my financial advice. I know that your family would be better off financially today if you would have been willing to be more honest and open to my advice.

I will be less co-dependent going forward because I love you.


So, like any mother who needs to take care of her kids, I ate shit.

My reply:

Dear J and K,

Thank you for your financial help over the last year or so. We all appreciate it!

God bless you both!

Inside I was both barfing and laughing. I hope someday, they will eat their words. I hope someday they will realize that their inadequate parenting grew a son who is an alcoholic-addict, who has repeatedly put his family in a horrible spot.

I think they should be thanking me for holding this family together all these years. I think they should kiss my ass for the job I do with both of these kids. I think they should both be apologizing profusely for the abuse they have inflicted on me, my children and my husband for years - and for the bullshit I have put up with from their son.


  1. I agree, Sula. To say they owe you a great deal of gratitude is the understatement of the century.

  2. I think you SHOULD have told them to kiss your ass, money be damned. ANd I know that's easy for me to say.