Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving Beyond Words

I decided to go back to the signed Gloria Steinem book, and it has been a great experience. There are 6 essays and all of them were fantastic. Here are a few quotes from "The Masculinization of Wealth."

"Inherited wealth and power enforce patriarchy pure, and envy of this ladylike trap makes the rest of us behave against our own best interests." - p 175.

"Upper class men...are no more likely to be shaken in their positions as heads of their families than they are to be shaken from their positions as heads of society's economic institutions." - Susan Ostrander

"There are many ways class doesn't work for women - and some in which it's actually reversed." - p 184.

"The closer women are to power, the weaker those women have to be kept." - p 187.

"There is not a woman born who desires to eat the bread of dependence, no matter whether it be from the hand of father, husband, or brother, for anyone who does so eat her bread places herself in the power of the person from whom she takes it." - Susan B. Anthony

"Women with wealth and women without wealth share a sense of isolation, alienation , and powerlessness...we feel this way no matter where we are...people like me need people like you, and people like you need people like me. Together, we make a wonderful whole...we must look inside ourselves, take the risk to learn who we are and acknowledge all the pieces." - Byllye Avery, founder and director of the National Black Women's Health Project, addressing a group of women of inherited wealth.

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