Monday, January 11, 2010

Health and Sleep

After 2 nights of not sleeping well again, I have decided that sleep will become my highest priority (for the time being).

I feel like a completely different person with sleep. It messes with me when I don't sleep well or enough.

I am going to continue on with my meditation.

I'm also going to take some suggestions from friends about doing yoga reguarly and taking a quiet time for myself after I put the kids to sleep. I have just been lying there letting my mind wander.

The doctor called me back with good news. All my test results and ultrasound were normal. I feel very happy about this. I'm glad I did not allow myself to worry this weekend.

I went to the chiropractor again this morning as I am still having pain. I feel like someone is inside my rib cage, pinching an organ and twisting it.

I had a rib out again and she adjusted that and gave me some ultrasound and muscle work. I got some good input and explanations from her and I feel at peace with everything. I think my body is working some things out as I work my stuff out.

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