Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

My father-in-law had asked to join my husband and son on a boat excursion on Saturday. My husband asked me about it 3 times last week, and each time I said no.

It's not that I want to keep them apart for the sake of keeping them apart. I have said for 2 years that he needs to get counseling prior to spending time with our children. I even told my husband he could meet with his AA sponsor about it, as I feel he has a very good grasp on family and children.

But, instead, my father-in-law just continues to ask about seeing the kids, and continues to treat me like dog shit, and then has the expectation that he should be able to see the kids just because he is their grandpa.

So, I was out on a girls-day with my daughter, when I received a text from my husband informing me that his father had shown up anyway for the boat ride. And, our son already had his life jacket on and was excited about the trip.

He said that the men in their group had asked him again about going and he was embarrassed to say that he was not allowed to see his grandson.

I wondered if he considered that I might have had a different reaction, and how embarrassing that would have been for him.

But I decided to just let it be and enjoy my day with my daughter.

My son is a smart kid and there was not much harm that could be done on a jet boat.

He did offer my son some money several times. J. declined.

My father-in-law just celebrated 25-years of sobriety. Apparently, he chaired the meeting and spoke about humility. I find that very ironic.


  1. Unbelievable.. Speaking about humility, him? Are you kidding me???
    Well, no harm no fowl with the boating, other than them not following your rules in play, did your son enjoy himself? Did you do something fun with your daughter?

  2. Well, at least your husband told you before the boat left. Better than nothing I suppose!

  3. Yes, I had a great time with my daughter and my son had fun too!