Monday, August 24, 2009

The Virtues of Selfishness

I had to call to cancel appointments for my son today. There is just no money and I am just going to have to face that fact and stick to essentials for a while. My son needed to have two cavities filled tomorrow. It broke my heart to call and cancel. I broke down when I called his counselor. He needs those services. He needs someone to talk to about what he is going through. We all do.

I will never forget the position my husband has put us in.

Someday I know I will dig us out of this hole and we will be OK financially. But I never thought we would be in this position and I have worked too hard to be here. My husband has been reckless, careless and selfish. And he still doesn't take responsibility for it. He never took on another job. He just tries to blame me. He says I should have gone back to work full-time 8 months ago. I never caused this. And taking care of my kids is the most important work, the most important job that I will ever do. So yes, I will go back to work, but they will pay the price. We are always paying the price for his selfishness.

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  1. Yeah when he tells you that you should have gone back to work remind him how he blew through your savings. If he had not done that you would not be in the position you are in.

    You don't piss money away on cocaine or alcohol or god knows what while your children go without.

    I have known you for longer than I have not known you and you have ALWAYS been good with money. You would never have allowed yourself to be in this position. You aren't indulgent nor are you careless.

    It's really too bad you ever met, J. Things have just gone downhill since then.

    Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself, J. It's the lowest form of maturity and I expect it from you.