Monday, August 31, 2009


"Trees grow better after a fire. It let's the light in." - unknown

My daughter has been sick and cranky the last week, and now I know why she was so cranky. I now have her sore throat. Yesterday I just felt lethargic and terrible. Today is worse.

Aside from all that, I do feel like I am coming out of a long and terrible fire, or some sort of natural disaster. I just feel worn out.

Some days I can see that things will be better someday, and other days it just seems like I will be miserable forever.

Yesterday my husband and I had our first good talk about getting divorced. We were finally able to talk without fighting and even made a few jokes. He knew I was sick and went to the store for me and brought take-out Thai for dinner. I really appreciated that.

But the fact remains that things are irreparably broken between us, and there seems nothing left but to divorce. I am really hoping that yesterday was a sign of things to come and that we can get through this as peacefully as possible.

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