Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Son is Eating his Shirts

Well another day without a dime from my husband.

No big surprise there.

The surprising thing was instead of taking responsibility for it (wait, no surprise!) he decided to accuse me once again of some sort of indiscretion.

This time he brought up some dinner I had last year while we were separated with a dear friend (who happens to be an ex). Somehow, he seemed to know some of the specifics of our conversation. But there was also a lot of BS in there and accusations of things that never happened.

As I reminded him, we were separated and I SHOULD HAVE filed for divorce. So even if something HAD happened, it was NONE OF HIS DAMNED BUSINESS.

So, among the 50 texts from him today, here are some of the highlights.

"Do you really think that with all the resource available to me that I don't' know exactly where you have been and what you have done while you were there?"

Creepy! Could you be any more of a crazy, lying spy? Sounds just like my father-in-law to me!!

And, with all the resources available to you, maybe you should consider taking care of your kids. Maybe all your "resources" should be used for more than just Rehab and spying on your wife. After all these years of spying, that's what you found? That I had dinner one time with a friend?

Whooooohoooooo! Maybe I need to live it up more!!

Then, he missed yet another visitation with his kids.

"I'm not going to come tonight because I think we have had a bad day, and I don't want to make it any worse."

Hmmm, you think you could have maybe told me that before-hand instead of 15 minutes after the kids were expecting you?

Hmmm, you think you could make it tonight after being 45 minutes late your last visit.

Yeah, you are not using. I'm sure you are COMPLETELY SOBER!

And here's one of the best:

"I am the one taking care of our kids financially. I always will. You, I'm done with.

I asked you a few months ago not to make me hate you.

Today, I do. You win.

I'm done. Do whatever you want! I'm done.

You never loved me, and I will know that for the rest of my life.

You gave me two wonderful children, and I will always be grateful for that.

Beyond that you failed as a wife!!"

Yeah, great.

If you are so grateful for your children, try taking care of them.

Try showing up when you are supposed to.

Try to keep your financial commitments.

The picture above is one of my son's shirts. Almost all of them look like this now. No, we have not been buying used shirts from a thrift store. At one time we had some money and bought him nice clothes. But these days, his anxiety causes him to constantly suck and chew on the collars of all his shirts. And just about all of them look this way now. He literally tears them apart.

And I am the one who takes him to counseling every week.

I am the one who takes care of these kids night and day.

I am the one who has sucked up and done everything.

And then, I get to be told that I failed as a wife.

Well, ask my kids who failed.


  1. It's always tougher on the kids...
    You're in my prayers ...
    Stay strong..

  2. Please tell me you're keeping copies of all of these texts for your lawyer!