Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Voice

My dear friend sent this to me several weeks ago and I posted it on my other blog - the happy blog that I keep with pictures of my family, always trying to stay so positive, talking about the things we are doing, but never about how we are really living. I didn't post any commentary with it then, but what it immediately reminded us both of at the time was my husband's family. It is almost painful to read, but so true.

A Voice

They mutilate and torment each other
with silences with words
as if they had another
life to live

they do so
as if they have forgotten
that their bodies
are inclined to death
that the insides of men
easily break down

ruthless with each other
they are weaker
than plants and animals
they can kill with a word
a smile, a look

-Tadeusz Rozewisc

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