Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baseball with my Dad

My dad visits on most Sunday afternoons. This Sunday, he offered to take my son down to the park to play baseball, but my daughter doesn’t want to be left out, so we all decided to go.

All is fine while we are at the park. My dad seems tired. He works a lot, and he worked all day Saturday. Earlier in the day, he had volunteered at church for about 4 hours, and then had gone to help my 92-year-old grandma run errands before he came here. I am extremely grateful to him for still taking the time to come over. I can tell he is beat.

Months ago, I had asked him to start spending more time with my son. I had been concerned that he wasn’t getting what he needed from his dad, and that there wouldn’t be a strong enough male presence in his life to really grow up to be a good man.

I have so much admiration for my dad. He is quiet, a man of faith. He never says anything bad about anyone. He is always there for me.

He also writes and sings music. This is one of the songs he wrote, and I think it gives real insight into the kind of man he is.


When I was just a boy I watched my heroes on TV
Superman, Roy Rodgers and Sky King could always be
at the right place at the right time
They'd have the bad guys on the run
And I knew when I grew up I'd become

A brave and mighty hero
And everyone would say
How wonderful it was when I would come and save the day
I'd be a heroIt was meant to me
I knew I had a heroes heart in me

When I got a little older, well my heroes they all changed...
They played guitars and they were stars and in their songs they sang
And if we came together
A better world we'd find
And I could see it all inside my mind

I'd be a hero
And everyone would say how everything had changed when they had listened to me play
My songs of peace and love and hope would change the world I knew some day
and I would be a hero sure to stay.

I was always certain everyone would see
If anyone should anyone should ever be a hero it was me
But now that I am older its all so clear to see
The world is full of heroes just like me-

That go to work each morning and come home every night
And try to teach our children what is wrong and what is right
And maybe someday if we're lucky they'll look up at us and say,
"Dad you are my hero today."

It’s harder than it looks to be a hero
And heroes are not always what they seem
We all have a chance to be a hero
Even if its not as we had dreamed.

When I was just a boy I watched my heroes on TV....

My dad has always been, and always will be my hero.

So, in my situation, there is probably no one better to go to for help with my son.

On our way back from the park, my son started back in on his tirade. Usually he only does this around me, so I was surprised that he was saying all of this in front of my dad.

He started hitting himself with the bat. He said he wanted to make himself go away.

He wanted to pick a neighbors flower. I told him they were not ours and that we would pick some of our own. He said, “But we don’t have wishing flowers. And, I want to wish not to be alive anymore.”

It was interesting to hear my dad’s response because he was saying the same things to my son that I had been saying to him, even though I hadn’t told him about any of this yet.

It made me feel like I must be doing something right, because I know my dad was and is a good father to me.

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