Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's the Point?

So, I finally said something to my husband about the other woman. We were discussing money and how there doesn't seem to be enough for us. I told him perhaps he should spend the money we do have on this family instead of lushes in bars.

Of course, he denied it.

He now says that my co-worker only told me this because he wants to "screw" me and that he's lying.

Um, what about the rumors about his indiscretions while I was pregnant with our son? What about the 3 confirmed women that I already know about.

And he wonders why I have no respect for him anymore.

Just tell the truth for once!

I told him I want a divorce.

He told me I was making a really bad decision based on bad information.

I told him I have 7+ years of information.

And now he keeps bugging me to "talk" about it. What's the point? What is there to talk about? Why would I continue to waste my time so he can give me the runaround and a bunch of bullshit answers.

I know what I know.


  1. In high school (Xavier, Cincinnati) I had a math teacher who told us that to say "I know" something is all well and good. But I must "KNOW THAT I KNOW". It then becomes axiomatic.

    Your life will straighten out fine one day--one way or the other. Because it sounds like you have put God in charge of it.

    Good blog you have--my first visit, I'm AA, but a fervent reader of Syd's.

  2. Thank you Steve - Syd has a great blog. I just recently found it but I have really enjoyed it. Very thoughtful and grounded.

  3. You deserve better than that man.