Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Woman

I was talking to a girlfriend just the other day
Hadn't seen her in a while
But I recognized the look on her face
She said I work hard all day
I rush home to fix his meals
I live to please this man
But still his love he won't give

And I looked at her and said
If you're a good woman
Then I'm not
I won't be mistreated for nothin he's got
I need my respect and I mean a lot
If you're a good woman
Then I'm not.

She smiled at me and said, "I've had a good life
Sometimes you've got to take the bitter
And add your own little spice
It takes something to be a good woman
In these trying times
Even if it means no kiss in the morning and another woman in his head while he makes love to me at night."

She kept on talking about her love
"Oh girl, he's really a good man
He doesn't mean no harm
You see
When he tucks me in anger, I didn't call the police, I just held him in.
I said baby I love you
And I'm here for you dear."

And I just shook my head
If you're a good woman, then I'm not.
I won't be beat up, mistreated, stepped on, dogged-
For nothing of nobody he's got.
I demand my respect. Not a little, but a lot.
If you're a good woman, than I'm not.

You see there's no reward for being beat up. You don't get a badge for a black eye.
If you're a good woman,
then I'm not.

-EC Scott

This is one of my favorite blues CD's. I have an autographed copy at home that I received after hearing EC sing live at a Blues Festival. The lyrics instantly stayed in my head. This song is off her Hard Act to Follow CD. I tried to post a link here, but she is not very well known. I did see you can buy the CD on


  1. I really like blues songs and will look this one up. Thanks for sharing. The blues are the best.

  2. Yes! They are! This is a GREAT CD!!