Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My husband mentioned last night that he wondered if I should take my picture off the blog. He said that does not make it anonymous.

Well, if you stick your face into an Al-Anon or AA meeting, someone might know you as well. Do I need to start wearing a paper bag over my head for fear that someone there might know him or his family and what I say might embarrass them?

Perhaps if they all behaved better, they would have nothing to worry about. I am not going to silence myself for fear of the truth or whatever consequences they may have in store for me.

I think that using a pen name is more than sufficient. I could have just used my first name.

He said he didn't know that people that knew us needed to know all our business.

Do I hear some embarrassment in that? I am past being embarrassed about anything. This is our life.

I'm guessing that very few people that we know socially are going to happen upon my blog. And if they do, they will likely have similar issues to work through.

I'm done hiding.

On the way home I saw two bumper stickers on a car. One said "I love someone with Rett Syndrome" and the other said, "We all have our abilities and disabilities."

I wonder if we will ever get to a point where we have bumper stickers that say, "I love someone who is an alcoholic."

If it is truly a disease, what is the embarrassment about?


  1. He still wants to hide, and that worries me. He won't get anywhere, I think, if he's still hiding who and what he is. And that's no good for any of you.

  2. I believe in anonymity for myself and the alcoholic. It is the 12th tradition. I don't hide at meetings but in a public media such as the internet, I protect my anonymity.