Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Grinch

Apart from my husband, we had a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed the time so much with my friends and family. It was filled with wonderful food and lots of fun visits.

My husband did not enjoy all the company and began pouting on Christmas Eve. I had cleaned the house for 5 hours that morning, prepped and bought the food, cooked everything...he did the dishes. He told me (and everyone else!) at least 5 times that he spent 2 hours cleaning the dishes. OK, do you want a metal for that?

We had agreed that he would spend Christmas Eve at the house so he could set up the toys and be there first thing for the kids. He always does great with the Christmas gifts for the kids - it's something that he really enjoys. It's a little excessive but the kids are thrilled.

Later that evening, he asked me where everyone was sleeping (we had several people spend the night on Christmas.) He was not happy about it and I told him I had no idea he planned on staying that night too. He became very angry and threw a temper tantrum.

He started clearing out his things, and my friends noted he was taking a really long time clearing out. Even though we had 8 people in the house and he lives alone, he took tons of the food with him. I suppose he felt entitled because he paid for it.

We did not notice until the next day when we began cleaning the house that he had taken all my Christmas presents from him back with him.

He now says that was childish and that he will return the gifts.


  1. Oh, he thinks that's childish, does he?? Mmm...oh Sula, you deserve better.

  2. I do think J is a good person, he, like a lot of men I know, have a hard time dealing with emotions.

  3. Sorry Sula--that wasn't a nice thing to do.