Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Gift Basket

I just got a call from my office saying that Y, the father of L (my ex-husband's current wife, lol!) dropped off a box of donuts and a package for me. The kids are off for Winter Break, so we are mostly hanging out. We were at the gym so I decided to stop by and get us all a donut! The kids were ecstatic!

Y had also left an enormous gift basket for me, filled with treats I love from Lebanon (including some of their olive oil, which is my favorite!).

I called him after leaving to say thank you! He is such a happy and sweet man. He wished us all a very happy New Year!

It also just started snowing, so the day has ended up pretty well! The kids and I are headed out for some snowball fights, sledding and perhaps a snowman!

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