Saturday, April 24, 2010

First Weekend Away from my Kids

Last night was the first time my husband picked up the kids for the weekend. I was headed out and they stopped by to bring my some flowers. It had been a tough week for me.

It was a sweet gesture, but this seemed to upset my daughter quite a bit. I don't think she's ever spent the night with just her dad. She started crying and ended up hysterical, clutching onto even my hair as he pulled her off me.

I think it was upsetting for him too but he dealt with it differently than I would have. I wanted to just stay and talk it out with her until she felt comfortable to leave with him. After 20 minutes of that, he got frustrated and dragged her off screaming. I could hear her crying as they drove off.

I sobbed for nearly an hour. It hit me very hard. I thought about not going out. I cried all the way downtown. But I got composed and luckily I was meeting a group of women who my friend had put together who I had not met yet, so I pulled it together.

My husband texted me several times during the night to let me know she was doing well and having fun, so that put my mind more at ease.

It was good to be with other women and just have fun. We sat and talked for 3-4 hours and then my friend and I left together. She lives in a fun area where we can just walk around, so we went back to her house and ventured off again. I don't like to drink and drive, so I just stayed with her. We stayed up late talking like teenagers and finally went to bed pretty late.

She had to get up early for a run, so I ended up getting up pretty early too. I am having a party at my home later so I need to get ready for that - and get back out to the hospital. I realized yesterday I need to take some time for myself too. I was pretty worn out from being at the hospital all week. I have not had time to exercise or even get groceries.

A friend said something interesting to me yesterday as we were talking about this party. She had met me when my son was a baby, so has never known me as just a woman - not a mother. She said, "Wow, you're actually a person now too - there is a whole other side to you than "mom'!"


  1. Hallie and Rebecca had a hard time, too. I think if nothing else it was just the unfamiliar. Now that it has been a year they look forward to going to their dad's and I look forward to the mental break. Thinking of you all!

  2. Thank you Laurie - I can see things working out that way eventually. Thanks for your thoughts - you are sweet!