Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I received another copy of my divorce documents today. There are still several errors, but assuming they are corrected, it looks like I will be signing the final documents tomorrow.

I am glad to be nearly done with this. It has been a long road. Over 3 years since my husband's relapse. Two-and-a-half since our initial separation. Over a year since the divorce will filed.

We met with our son's counselor today and had a heated but productive meeting. I feel like we left more on the same page at least and feel more positive about my daughter's future. She is going to meet with the counselor next week, and I hope that will provide a good outlet for her, as it did for my son.

I feel very good about my life at the moment. There are still some things that are in limbo, but overall, it is night and day from even six months ago.

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