Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Healing Journey

"My healing journey began through a spiritual connection with the divine feminine. This "spiritual awakening" was instigated one evening in 1990 when I showed up at an Al-Anon meeting expecting to encounter the man of my latest obsession, and instead encountered that night's speaker. She spoke of her understanding of recovery and spirituality from a woman's perspective. She challenged the prevailing norms of recovery which were based on a masculine understanding of the divine. Before she finished speaking, I knew that I needed to work with this woman on my recovery.

She introduced me to the non-shaming, feminist approach she had developed to support women to work through the Twelve Steps. As I sat in women's circles with her, a deepening relationship with the divine feminine altered my entire cosmology including how I viewed myself, other women, the world I live in, the options available to me, and even my awareness and understanding of my own personal history. After years of what felt like fruitless effort, my vision and experience of life's possibilities expanded. I am grateful feminism came into my life one evening seven years ago when I was searching for yet another man to "save" me. Instead, I found the way home to myself in the company of women."

- Patricia Lynn Reilly, Be Full of Yourself, (56)

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