Saturday, April 23, 2011

Woman of Purpose

Hello My Sister
You are a Woman of Purpose
You need not roar as the world
You are anointed
Your voice is soft and non-threatening

Your words are kind yet firm
You are anointed
Your heart is full of love and wisdom
Your destiny is sure
You are anointed
Your hands extend across continents
Your actions and decisions influence multitudes
You are anointed
Yet your soul only belongs to …One

God Almighty
She anoints you
God alone holds the strings to which you dance
live…move…and have your very being
She empowers you

Therefore go! Change the world
Fulfill the purpose for which you were created
You are Anointed with Power!

God has a purpose for your life. Even if you are far away
from being what She has called you to be, you are still important to Her.

Please know and remember you matter, you count, you are valuable and loved.

Written by: Nikki

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