Monday, April 18, 2011


One version of this verse (the 49th of the Tae Te Ching) says: "I trust men of their word, and I trust liars. If I am true enough, I feel the heartbeats of others above my own." Whether you call it "judging" or "labeling," notice when you think of others as evil, lazy, dishonest, stupid or ugly. Then affirm: I see myself in this person, and I choose to be in a space of goodness rather than judgment. There's a Sanskrit word, Namaste, that can help you with this. When used as a greeting, it roughly translates to: "I honor the place in you where we are all one." So silently or verbally begin telling others "Namaste" in order to remind yourself to love everyone as your own children.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Change your Thoughts - Change your Life: Living the Wisdome of the Tao (241)

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