Friday, November 26, 2010


I had a really great Thanksgiving. Perhaps, or definately I should say, the best of my life.

I set some boundaries with my ex-husband and told him we needed to stick to the schedule because we had some last minute changes. My uncle was supposed to host Thanksgiving, but came down with the flu the day before, so we moved it to my house Wednesday night.

One of my other uncles called me that night sounding drunk and wanting to pick a fight. I just hung up and didn't return his calls. I told my mom he was not welcome at my house.

I have worked too hard for peace. No one is going to take it from me, including my own blood.

The kids went with their dad for a few hours that morning and I cooked and cleaned away. It was a small group, but everyone pitched in and it just flowed really well. The food was great - not outstanding by any means, but it was just a fabulous and relaxing day. No drama. No stress.

This morning, we went to get our Christmas Tree. I was a bit worried about this because we have a high ceiling and I wanted to get a good sized tree. I considered asking my ex, but decided it was time to start making our own traditions. The guys at the farm tied the tree to the top of the car and my son and I were able to take it off and get it inside and into the stand without any stress or cursing. It was the first time I have felt joy decorating the tree and not a sense of stress or rushing to finish. The house is now clean and beautiful and smells like Christmas.

All is well in my world.

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