Friday, September 6, 2013

Child support shouldn’t be an issue

If a court has ordered you to pay child support and you don’t, shame on you.

Talk is cheap. You can say you want to be a great dad post-divorce. But your words are hollow if you don’t do the bare minimum as a divorced dad: pay child support.

I’m a little agitated because I just read a story in GQ magazine about former pro football star Terrell Owens. It says he’s supposed to pay a total of almost $45,000 a month in child support – to four women.

Despite earning about $80 million during a 16-year NFL career, Owens is somehow behind on child support, some of the women claim.


It’s bad enough for an 8-to-5 guy to ignore his obligation to pay child support. But for a wealthy celebrity to stiff his ex-wife (or ex-wives) and kids – that’s unconscionable.

Child support is not optional, although some guys seem to think it is. You don’t get back at your ex by refusing to pay; that’s depriving your kids of a better life.

Don’t let down your kids

You may think your child support payments are too high. OK, contact your lawyer, go to court, and try to get them lowered. Fair enough.

But once the court has spoken, stop whining and start writing checks.

Your kids will eventually find out if you’re a deadbeat dad. Do you want to disappoint them? I hope not.

You’ve already put them through enough with the breakup of their family. Don’t make things worse by cheating them and their mom financially.

No one said paying child support was easy. You may have to work longer hours to make enough to meet your obligation. Sorry. You got divorced; you’ve got to face the consequences.

Obviously, not all dads drop the ball when it comes to child support. Many pay on time every month. Good for them.

Not a gender issue

Some dads don’t pay child support – they receive it. At least they’re supposed to. Women who don’t pay court-ordered child support are just as sorry as men who don’t.

This isn’t a gender issue. It’s a responsibility issue.


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