Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Peril of Anonymity

"In 2011, Susan Cheever, whose father, John, died of alcoholism and who is herself in recovery, wrote that it might be time to reject the second A of AA. In the New York Times, David Colman quoted novelist Molly Jong-Fast, who had gotten sober in AA thirteen years earlier: “It seems crazy that we can’t just be out with it, in this day and age. I don’t want to have to hide my sobriety; it’s the best thing about me.” In the Time article, Rick Ohrstrom, the chairman of C4Recovery Solutions, said, “I violate my anonymity daily. I am twenty-five years in recovery, and have been out there fighting for the rights of people in recovery, and I’m sick and tired of people in AA meetings not lifting a finger to do anything about it. They hide behind anonymity—if you don’t tell anyone else that recovery works, that’s what you’re doing.” ~David Sheff, Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy

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