Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting the New Year off WRONG

My ex no-showed on New Years Day.

I have been looking to find sites that list the psychological effects on children who experience this by a parent, but have not found what I am looking for yet.

But here is what I see now:

Acting out for several days following the no-show
Refusal to eat
Crying themselves to sleep
Worry for the parent's well-being

I worry what the long-term effects will be.

So far, my ex takes no responsibility. No apology. Nothing.

It is difficult to explain to your kids why they have to get up early and go to school when they don't "feel" like it when their own parent can't show up for the parenting time he claims to want.

Today he asked me if he could take the kids on another day that I am supposed to have the kids on. I am not inclined to do it. It is just always a hassle to deal with him.

He also asked if he should invite one of their friends. That puts me in an awkward situation as well. Several of my friends have already told me that they would NOT want their children around my ex. He's asking about parents who have no idea what his situation is. If I have difficulty with worrying about the safety and well-being of my children around him, who are HIS children, what is my responsiblity to these parents?

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