Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Role of Family in "Recovery"

In Rational Recovery®, the family has an entirely different role than in the traditional disease/treatment way of thinking.

One popular idea is that families should gather together with other troubled families, seeking outside guidance and advice.

One good example of this approach is Al-Anon, which views addiction/alcoholism as a family disease, and views family members as “enablers” and “codependents.”

Along the same lines, you may have heard of “interventions,” in which the family has a little surprise party for their substance abuser, with the aim of shaming him/her into immediate enrollment in an addiction treatment center. That kind of “tough-love”action…

Addiction is insatiable, and will consume all of any family’s emotional and financial resources, and still demand more.

In AVRT-based recovery, families require the addicted member to choose between his addiction and family membership.

Accordingly, we heartily endorse the zero-tolerance ultimatum, backed by Plan B, the exact action the family will take when…

- The Zero-Tolerance Ultimatum for the Addicted Spouse or Significant Other (ASS) in Your Family © 2005, Jack Trimpey

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