Monday, December 6, 2010

Apparently I am a Kidnapper Now

So much has happened recently that I don't even know where to begin really.

I was served court papers on Saturday afternoon from my ex-husband's attorney. They stated that he had been sober for 3 years and that I intended to obtain an immediate passport and take the kids to Lebanon, among other things.

It was a sworn and notorized affidafit.

I immediately noticed that my ex has not been sober for 3 years. Apart from the obvious time 2 weeks ago when I saw him noticably NOT sober, he attended Betty Ford for 90 days 2 years ago. I don't believe Betty Ford takes on sober patients for 90 days.

He now says that was a typo.

I don't know many sober alcoholics who are not absolutely certain of EXACTLY how many days they have been sober. Staying sober takes discipline. It is something someone in AA is very proud of and has to continually repeat whenever they introduce themselves at a meeting - when they attend meetings.

As for the claim that I plan to take the kids to Lebanon, well, that just makes me laugh. He even laughed about it.

He now says he intends to change our agreement so that I can NEVER take the kids out of the country. This seems rediculous to me, and completely unfair the kids. One of my hopes for them - and for all of us - is that we will begin to travel again. I think traveling gives so much perspective on life. I know that going to Lebanon when I was 20 completely changed me. I am very grateful for that trip.

I made some wontons after church yesterday and offered him some when he came to pick up the kids. I know he likes them. I debated it, but in the end I decided there was no need not to be nice. I had them afterall. He asked me if there was arsenic in them, and then ate them.

I have decided the best way to deal with my ex without losing my mind is just to always approach him as if he were ill. I must detach. If I am able to do something nice that doesn't hurt me, I will do it. But I won't be bullied by him anymore and I won't engage.

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