Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gift of the Blessing

My sister gave me this CD more than a year ago and it has helped me greatly. I must say that I listened to it once a year ago and sort of processed it and put it away. I recently re-listened to it about a month ago and began applying it almost every day. It has really helped me with acceptance and peace.

There are three parts to the Blessing:
1. Bless those who have suffered
2. Those who have inflicted the suffering. This in NO WAY approves or endorses the action, it's only an acknowledgement of the "inflictor's" part in the formula. It releases the hurt and the ways of knowing the pain to help it move through and clear in your body.
3. Most importantly, BLESS YOU, who have witnessed the suffering.

* Sit, relax, take a few deep breaths using stomach muscles to expand the lower 1/3 of your lungs, and then to push out the air from your lungs.
* Image a light from above, coming to the top of your head, flowing all about you. This is your "God-connection"
* Imagine a more global (not personal) difficult, horrific, pain-filled situation, such as the strife in the Middle East, or the horrors of 9-11, or the massacres in Africa, or Hitler's slaughter of the Jews....the news and history books are full of possibilities. Choose one that has strongly affected you or is causing you pain to think of it now.

1. I bless those who have suffered. I bless those who have lost loved ones, who have lost their children, their spouses, their friends. I bless those who have lost their homes and their lands, and their precious possessions. I bless those who are still suffering in their losses, their fears, and their agonies.
2. I bless those who have inflicted the suffering as they experience in the knowing of their part.
3. I bless MYSELF in the witnessing of the suffering. I bless myself in the witnessing of the pain and despair of others. I bless myself for feeling the pain and yet the helplessness in the witnessing. I bless myself in the witnessing of the sadness and losses of other people. I bless my own feelings in the witnessing and the compassion I feel for the suffering of others.

Meditation/blessing exercise can bring peace and release. NOW do the very same process with something in YOUR OWN LIFE. Think specifically of a person who has hurt you. If you can pin down a date, a place, and the memories of the feelings, do that. Or if it is more of a long-time infliction of pain upon you and your spirit, name the person in the scenario. And proceed the same way, ALOUD- when you are alone and feel free to name names. For now, say the names silently in your own mind:

1. I bless myself who has suffered at the hands and words of __________. I bless myself who received the pain, physical and mental and emotional because of what _________ did. I bless my body for holding the pain in this way _______________. I bless myself for all the ways I have come to know myself because of this experience in my life.

2. I bless ____________for being the one who cause me this pain and suffering. I do not say that what they did was right. I simply bless them to free my heart, mind and body from the pain I have carried for so long. I bless_________as they knew not what they had caused. They were operating from their own fears and limitations. I bless ________though what they did was hurtful and wrong.

3. I bless myself as witness to the pain. I bless myself as witness to the loss of trust, the loss of security. I bless myself when I lost a part of myself...of my childhood. I bless myself in the knowing of what I have lost. I bless myself in the burying of the pain in my body. I bless my body for holding the pain. I bless my body in releasing the pain which no longer serves me. I bless myself, I bless myself, I bless myself as the witness to my suffering.

Do this each time you think of a person who has hurt you. Do it for each person, and each traumatic experience of pain and suffering in your life.

Then soon you will find yourself blessing EVERYTHING, feeling thankful for everything, which brings us right back to the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Doing this exercise once a day can bring great great freedom of spirit, and a feeling that you are contributing something of value to a troubled world. You will see that there are ever so many more wondrous and beautiful things about the world and its people than there are concerns..The more people who become peaceful, the more peaceful becomes the world. So it only makes sense for each one of us to find a way to find peace within our own hearts. The more who do, the faster the positive changes in the world. If you don't make a personal commitment to peace, you will attract more difficult lessons. Here's a way to enhance your path to peace.

-"How to Apply The Gift of the Blessing"By Judy M Johnson, based on
ancient scripture texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Nag Hamadi Library; from The Gospel of Thomas/The Sayings of Jesus, as reported by Gregg Braden in The Gift of the Blessing.

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