Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Internal Struggle

THE INTERNAL STRUGGLE: LET GO, I DON'T KNOW? The decline of the human spirit has manifested as the world we see around us now. War, poverty, corruption, exploitation - all that lovely stuff.... When I say decline, I mean that we have forgotten our Divine origins and purpose of incarnation. However, nothing has actually been lost, only forgotten. 

In the vibration of abundance around us right now we feel pulled in two directions. On the one hand more and more of us are waking up to the realization that what we call Reality is a Lie. We aren't meant to be the puppets of politics and a broken economic system -- but rather the Makers and the Breakers of our own Destinies. There is a strong urge to unplug, to pull away from these forces that appear to control and subconsciously manufacture our thoughts, our identities and our existences -- and to simply break free and fly away, far away from the grid. But we live in a material form, we are energy manifest in cellular and molecular structures. We have chosen to incarnate as conscious flesh at this time. So what should we do? What can we do? 

Overnight, we can't practically transform ourselves into self-sustaining communities - not when there's a mortgage to pay, kids to send to school, a job to go to, etc. We feel compelled to toe the line somehow, telling ourselves that we have to, that's who we are, that's what we're supposed to be, feel, think do, that's what 'normal' people do. And that's where the tension starts. There's a lot of escapism going around in spiritual community. Love, Let Go, Be Free.... And that's a phenomenal internal state to have - to be the detached observer, to Love from the Heart and Unconditionally, without the attachment of expectation. But how does that translate to an external material world?

Don't run, don't hide - Do what you have to do right now. You can't walk out on your immediate responsibilities and dependents, and you want to stay true to a more authentic path of living - so what do you do? 

There are four principles to bear in mind - Faith, Openness, Gratitude and Responsibility (not to be confused with Soul Purpose). Don't quit your day job just because you want to escape, unless you truly feel that's what you have to do from the pit of your soul. Change the internal mindset, and Will the Universe to manifest your external realities to the changing reality within - better still - Accept what's happening and Ask for the channels needed for you to manifest your Highest Soul Purpose be opened. Its not a paradox despite initial appearances. It's how a chicklet hatches from an egg - from within, rather than without. Life and the Universe expands the moment you make that internal decision to go with the Flow, and send out your intentions for a different mode of existence, a different reality. When you actually begin to claim your power and your responsibility as a Co-Creator of the Universe. We all are. Imagine that. Let go of the resentment you feel around your material circumstances and learn to be Grateful. Be grateful for the peeling walls, be grateful for the lack of a nanny, be grateful for the sick parent who needs your care, be grateful for how run-down you feel right now. Be grateful and attach no expectation of reward to what responsibilities you have right now - and continue to fulfill them. Don't wear the martyr's crown of 'sacrificing for the sake of duty' either - that's not what I'm getting at - and I'm making the distinction as it is a slippery slope to climb. Don't neglect what you have to do right now, and do it anyway, regardless of how you feel about it. The moment you turn it into an egoic identity ('see how I suffer', etc.) the farther you get from your Soul (Sole) Purpose. Hate your job? Fine. Keep doing your best at it till you have an opportunity to switch to something better. 

This is where Faith and Openness come in. Trust that the Universe will provide and open your Heart to receive its guidance. Trust that the right opportunities for change, for transition, for dramatic upheaval will arrive - and go with the Wisdom of Universal Flow of Energy. Something this wisdom manifests as an epic spiritual dream quest, sometimes it's a very welcome severance package, sometimes it's a natural disaster, sometimes it's winning the lottery. It comes in all forms. But when you focus on the resentment and irritability you feel about circumstances you want to change, then your vibration is not longer open to the Channels of Abundance, through which the Universal Energy circulates and manifests your intentions. This is part of the eclipse challenge before us. We can't change the entrenched forms (Saturn) overnight, and we can't run away to lofty Neptune or impulsively burn bridges that support us and our families in this material incarnation. The few who have that option, go for it - but it doesn't apply to the majority. Change inside, and the Outside will change in response. Just not in an instant. 

The Universe needs time to work its Miracles of Manifestation. Do what needs to be done now, and trust that the real work you incarnated here to do will open itself to you in due course.

Peace and Love to All this Eclipse Season!

Image and Post by The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light

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