Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Despite Bad Teachers...

This has been an awful school year for us because my daughter had an awful teacher. The school refused to change her class and looking back, I should have pulled her out. Some people are so low, they need to feed off 5-year-olds. Some people have nothing better to do than read recovery blogs and pick at the single-mothers who write them. However, as we cross the finish line, despite tears and frustration and anger, what remains is my daughter's strength. And what I have realized, and perhaps known all along, is that NO ONE could take that from her. And while I worried about what would happen to her in this class, I also knew that there was always another caring adult there, and, more importantly, I also knew that she would make it despite this woman. And that her strength is what her teacher hated and envied in her. So today, I celebrate my daughter. She has more possession of her-self than her "teacher" will ever have. And perhaps, this year, she was there to teach the lessons.

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  1. Good for her - your daughter is gorgeous. And good for you - you are extremely courageous. ~Dawn~