Thursday, September 15, 2011

Definition of Addiction

"When a person becomes addicted, the personality splits into two distinct parts, each denying the existence of the other. Addiction involves the words powerlessness and unmanageability, both of which the person denies. It is though the person has two sets of dreams, two kinds of values. Addiction is like having two sides - the addict side and the healthy side - engaging in a life-and-death struggle to control the inner world...the addict part is a terrific con. Its goal is to avoid pain, achieve euphoria, and have control. It wants immediate gratification. As the addict side progressively gains control of the personality, the denial and delusional state escalates...

While people derive temporary feelings of pleasure through their addictive behavior, harmful consequences are sure to follow. They may be almost imperceptible at first, but once the addiction takes hold of the personality, the individuals ability to order her life slowly disintegrates and she falls more and more under the control of an unknown force within. The progression may take years or happen rapidly. Health, relationships, work, play, parenting, creativity and peace of mind slip away as the person slowly builds a wall around herself and becomes increasingly difficult to reach with either love or reason. Eventually the addicted part sees other people out there, but does not see other souls.

The addicts friends increasingly tend to be addiction buddies who enable the disease by colluding in the denial...

Addiction usually occurs within a social system that colludes by denying the problem."

-Charlotte Davis Kasl,

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