Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine

A Valentine from one of my dearest beautiful I thought I would share it with all...

Dear Friends how does your Garden of love grow? I know that all of us do not have the same destiny when it comes to romance with one that you find in your journey in life. All I know is that love is a diamond of many facets, facets that gleam and shine in our hearts form the different loves that came our way, whether they are among the living or in memory inside of us. On this Valentine weekend whether we have a Valentine or not, to be with, we must know that we are in love with life.

Even if it gets so challenging with stones down the road, we must know how strong our love is, how valuable we are a gem stone..harder than any other stone that can get in our way. Even if it is only one person alive that loves us.. even if that person alive, is ones self.

-Tali Salazar ViƱas

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