Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Letter to Mom, RIP Rachel Corrie

Dear Mom,

Some might think in this day and age a girl’s role model should be a career woman, someone working in an office or in a so-called “men’s” line of work. I know those people are wrong. For me, you are the perfect role model. I admire how you take the things you want to do, like playing your flute and writing music, and find ways to fit them into your life. I admire your ability to clearly say what you think and feel. If every woman were that assertive, there would be more respect for the women of this world.

I admire your kindness. You are the only person I know whom I’ve never seen hurt another to get what you want. I believe you can get whatever you want without hurting anyone. What I admire most is not what you have done for yourself, but what you have done for me. I hope when I grow up, I can pass on to my children what I have learned from you about how to treat people. You have given me a wonderful life and shown me how to get that sort of life for myself.

People might think my mom not a hero because she hasn’t done anything “exceptional”. Well, you don’t have to do anything exceptional. I know that you are exceptional. You have made me proud of you by working hard at everything you do and doing it well.

I love you, mom.

~A Teenage Rachel Corrie
From Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie (April 10, 1979-March 16, 2003)

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