Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miserable People

A friend of mine gave me some advice a few weeks ago about an angry woman who has been very unkind to me and my daughter. She said, "Just send her love. It sounds simple, and it's hard to do, but it works."

I have come to realize that people who nitpick and gripe at other people are just very miserable themselves. And I feel sorry for them. Someone who picks at single mothers must be miserable and confined in their own marriage. Someone who picks at little girls must have snuffed out every bright light within themselves.

So as much as it has caused difficulty - and there is no difficulty worse than seeing your child mistreated - I have to believe that her difficulty must be worse. Much in the way I have always felt that someone who stole something from me must have needed it more than I did.

In a way, I suppose this advice has brought me peace. (Although, I will continue to stand up for my daughter.)

Sending love and peace out to all who are miserable.

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